Become a musician

Even if (you think) you have no talent!

You can become a musician, whatever are your musical skills, your age, or the size of your ears!

What do you want to learn today?

Start from scratch or improve your skills

Where to start? Should you find a teacher? Can you learn by yourself? Here are the answers!

Let your creativity shine

Learn which equipment you need and what to know to start creating your first tune!

Musicians don't have to be broke

Make money with music is not easy. But possible. Learn what you can do to make it happen!

Success is not about talent,
it is about how you learn
and how consistent you are.

Music is for all

(yes, even you)


My name is Frank Elda and I love playing music, making music and more importantly, helping YOU to do all this (or any of it).

I believe that everyone can learn how to play an instrument and make music.

You don’t need to be “talented” to become a musician, and a good one!

You need the right mindset, a dedicated and consistent work. You need to let go false beliefs, mental barriers, and take full responsibility for your actions.

I help you to use your hands 👐  and I also take care of your brain 🧠!

See, your success is more dependent the mindset you choose than any particular physical or mental ability. 

My mission at Guide2music is to empower you with both technical knowledge but also with actionable tools and mindset hacks to lead you to success.