Comfort during practice

You have the choice every you practice to be comfortable or to push yourself a bit further.

Comfort is playing the songs you know well, the exact same way as before. You don’t try to improve anything, you just play without particular intention.

This is important to get some comfort in your practice. Otherwise, you will soon see it as a chore. And it is not the aim of playing music.

But there is a severe drawback to doing this. Comfort is easy. It doesn’t cost much. It doesn’t lead to any discovery. Choosing comfort each time is choosing to stay at the same level as before, choosing not to improve. This is a dangerous choice.

Because sooner or later, you won’t feel fulfilled. If you stop learning, improving, discovering something new, you will shrink. You will suffocate inside the small cage you have maintained in your practice.

Next time, choose consciously to go outside of your comfort zone. Play something new. A new music genre, change the rhythm, the articulation. Try to sing while you play.

Challenging yourself, even a little will go a long way.

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