Feeling overwhelmed on the piano? focus on getting better one step at a time

overwhelmed on the piano

Are you feeling overwhelmed on the piano?

Sometimes it seems to big. To far away. Unreachable.

I am talking about your goal.

You want to be able to play this song, but it doesn’t go as easily and quickly as you wish.

In that case, especially when you set big goals, feeling overwhelmed is normal but unpleasant to the least.

How to deal with this?

Watch the video:

Eat the elephant

The secret is to deal with overwhelming is simple.

Do you know how to eat an elephant?

I bet you already know this answer to this proverbial question.

“Eat one bite at a time”.

Your piano goal can be as big as you wish.

You can reach it if you treat it as an elephant.

Focus on improving only slightly each time.

If you can play even one more bar of that song, you have won.

You just have to keep going and you will soon be able to play it all.

The same if you want to improve your finger speed.

Play your scale with a slightly increased tempo. And repeat until you can play it decently at this new tempo. You will already have made progress when you can do that. Even if it is just 5 more bpm on the metronome.

Repeat that over time and you will see your fingers flying on the keyboard.

But right now, just focus on how to get a bit better, a tiny bit better than yesterday.

That’s all you have to do to be successful.

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