How to get noticed as a musician: 9 efficient tactics to be heard!

Get noticed as a musician

Do you want to get fans? You first need to get noticed as a musician!

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You have released some music, but nobody seems to care and you feel down.

The truth is that indeed, nobody cares. Because nobody knows you.

The first thing to do is to get noticed by your potential audience. And you don’t need to wait until you have an album ready to release.

Too often, I see musicians putting out music and complaining that they don’t get any traction.

They don’t have a system to grow their musical career, their music business.

I describe this system here.

I highly recommend taking a look to it if you want to get a chance of being successful and make money!

In this article, I will only focus on how to get noticed and share with you a few tactics to help grow your audience.

Here are 9 ways to help you get noticed as a musician

1. Play live, even online

This is the most obvious tactic for a musician to get noticed: play as many gigs as you can.

Participate at events, festivals, even very small ones to start with.

Think also about online opportunities. They are growing and you can reach a large audience.

2. Make covers of famous songs

One of the most powerful ways to get noticed as a musician is to play covers.

Famous artists have been discovered like that, through cover songs on YouTube for example.

It is the occasion to show your musical personality by releasing an original version of a well-known song. Maybe with a usual angle.

Think of taking a song from a different music genre and adapt it to fit into your own genre. Quite effective way to get noticed.

Here is a little ‘secret’ tip: to get even more results from covers, try to be the first.

When an artist you follow or someone very famous releases a song, make a cover of that song in the following days. You will benefit a lot from the buzz around this song and get a high chance to get noticed.

3. Be active on social media

You need to be active consistently on social media.

Not just when you release a song. Consistently.

It takes time to start to get noticed by people.

Share content regularly. Music of course, with also pictures of you playing, or your band during a rehearsal, stories related to you musical journey.

And engage with authenticity with others.

Please don’t shout a message: “Listen to this! Subscribe!” without a bit of context and spend some time responding to comments or commenting with value on others’ posts.

4. Start a website

You can have your own website as a platform for all the content you have: music, videos, photos, bios, stories.

Think also about cover art.

In particular, if you have a particular artistic world (such as fantasy).

5. Start a podcast

This is more original, but why not starting a podcast where you would share bits of your music, how you make it.

You could interview other people involved in your music or other musicians you know.

WIth a little of brainstorming, you will certainly find a few ideas.

I can also help you with this.

6. Start a YouTube channel

One of the best ways to get noticed online as a musician is to have a YouTube channel.

Publish your songs, make a music video, behind the scenes videos. Share your musical activity and your world.

Ed Sheeran has been discovered like that. Not bad, right?

7. Contact people needing music

This time, I suggest that you don’t wait for people to come to you, but that you contact them directly.

Contact people who may need some music. It could be shops, video makers. If they agree to use your music, you increase your chances to get noticed.

For example, I am making ambient/relaxation music (check it here).

If I contact people doing meditation, they might be interested to use my music as background music.

I could also contact Yoga Clubs for example.

Be creative!

8. Go down on the streets

Another way to be seen is to go out and distribute flyers at events, in shops, markets…

Take some time on the design so that it is appealing to your future fans.

9. Play for others

You can offer your services to other musicians, as a session musician if you wish. Maybe for free to start with, but then in exchange for some value.

If you do well, people will remember your name and talk to other people about you. Word of mouth is powerful.

Alternatively, you can sell your services on a freelancing platform. You will get paid and you will be noticed for your musical skills.


You should have by now a few more ideas how to get noticed as a musician.

The main message I want to give to finish is: be consistent and patient!

If you show up regularly and provide content of value, people will start to notice you.

And they will pay attention to you.

Question for you: what do you do to get noticed right now?

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