Learn how to play the piano.

Even if you don’t know anything about music, pianos, and you can’t sing in tune. Learn all you need without being overwhelmed by tons of theory and exercises.

Just enjoy playing the piano, for you, your loved ones or your fans.

Let me show you how.

Learn all you need to start playing the songs you love, from scratch.

No fluff, no useless theory, just what you need to make progress fast and enjoy making music. 

(Because who wants to spend months learning children’s songs or boring musical theory before playing what you really love?)

Are you ready?

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You can learn the piano from home, at your own pace,
with the support from a real teacher

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My name is Frank Elda and I love playing and making music.

And more importantly, I love helping YOU to do this!

I believe that everyone can learn how to play an instrument and make music.

You don’t need to be “talented” to become a piano player, and a good one!

You need the right mindset, a dedicated and consistent work. You need to let go false beliefs, mental barriers, and take full responsibility for your actions.

I help you to use your hands and I also take care of your brain!

See, your success is more dependent the mindset you choose than any particular physical or mental ability. 

My mission at Guide2music is to empower you with both technical knowledge but also with actionable tools and mindset hacks to lead you to success.

Success is not about talent,
it is about how you learn
and how consistent you are.