How to play scales on the piano from scratch

play scales on the piano

Scales are one of the best exercises on every instrument, piano included.

Playing scales have indeed several great benefits that I already mentioned here.

Thus I won’t keep you waiting any longer and show you how to play scales on the piano from scratch with the three following videos.

Part1: the preparation

You won’t be able to play scales flawlessly if you don’t take the time to prepare the work a little.

The more you prepare yourself to learn a new thing, the better and the faster you will learn.

Here are a few exercises for your fingers to get used to playing scales. The main point is to do this finger-crossing thing.

Well, check out the video, it will be better than reading pages of explanations, don’t you agree?

Part2: play piano scales on one octave

Let’s now play the full C Major scale on one octave, with both hands!

Part3: play scales on more octaves

You can now learn how to play on more than one octave. This is more tricky, but if you take it slowly, you will succeed.

I struggled myself, but with practice, nothing is impossible, and it feels so good to be able to play scales on the whole keyboard. Like a pro (almost!).


That’s it, you know how to play scales on the piano!

Make them part of each session on your instrument. You can even use them as a warm-up exercise.

But don’t think you’re done here. There are many ways to practice them. You have to set first your intention and then focus on the outcome you want to get out of this exercise.

It can be to feel more confident on the keyboard. Thus you will practice on many octaves.

You may want to improve the evenness of your touch, and the pressure you use on each key. Thus, you will play at a comfortable speed and concentrate on the pressure you apply and try to produce the same volume for each note while keeping up with the metronome.

Told you that it was only the beginning!

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