Make money with music

Make money with music

make money
 Making a living as a musician is a dream for many, but a reality for only a few.

It is the hard truth, but it doesn’t mean that you should not try to make money with music, your own music, or any activity related to music. Or both!

There are many things to learn to be successful and it is a long journey (remember ACDC: it’s a long way if you wanna rock’n roll!). But with a system, you increase your chances.

What you have to understand, to integrate into your mind, is that you need to see your career as a business.

I know.

Musicians like you and me are often not so keen to treat our creative activity as a money-making machine.

But see it simply as a way to get more freedom to create what you want, with better gear, more collaborations, meaning a higher quality of recordings, production. In short, make better music!

The good news is that there is a system to make this business work. If you want to get paid for your music, your musical skills, or any related activity, you need to follow this system. It is not a guarantee that you will get success. But if you don’t follow it, you are not likely to succeed at all.

Then, there are specific tactics you can use.


I am not an expert on the topic, but I have some knowledge on business and marketing, and I want to share what I have learned and what I will learn with you.

I am myself testing things to make money with music. I will share with you my journey.

Right now, you can already find a few article below that will help you.


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