Thanks to the Pianoforall method, the dream of playing the piano is become true
Thanks fo the Pianoforall method, the dream of Dona became true, she can now play her favorite songs

It was a Thursday, she remembers.

The day her husband came to her, soon before dinner, with a large smile. “Honey, I think I have found the solution to help you learn the piano!”

Moved by her strong disappointment, he searched online for a new method. An easy and quick way to learn how to play the piano. To really play songs and not just practice scales for hours.

And he found one, very different from the others.

A method that she hadn’t tried yet, allowing to learn very quickly how to play a song, not a lifeless collection of notes. And designed for complete beginners without any musical knowledge.

This method didn’t require learning how to read music sheets. Or to spend hours and money each week on private lessons. Both of which she couldn’t afford.

And she wouldn’t need to buy any other method or book or apps or online course after this.

And it worked!

She started right away to learn how to play chords, the basis of so many songs she loves. And also different styles, even classical music which often seems so difficult to learn.

She also learned how to improvise. Something she never thought she could be able to do. And she absolutely loves it! This feeling of moving freely her hands on the keyboard and creating on the fly beautiful melodies. Everyone was surprised and delighted when she played a few well-know songs and start improvising during the party they organized her and Jack.

Jack started the method himself and plays now blues and jazz tunes with a huge smile on his face. So fun and easy.


How this transformation has been possible?
Thanks to the Pianoforall method!

This is a very innovative method, a new way of learning the piano used with the success by so many students (over a quarter of a MILLION!).

How does it work? It uses the combination of keyboard diagrams, musical notation, audio, and video to learn more efficiently how to play the piano. So you learn by visual and aural association.

Indeed, the best way to learn anything is to combine visual, auditive, and tactile information. You then have a complete immersion and integrate much more quickly into the lessons.

Your brain then do the connections by itself!

Have a look to a sample lesson:


You devote a little bit of time each day to play the piano, and you will experience massive progress very soon. In only a few days, you will play your first song, so easily and naturally.

How do I know that?

Because I use it myself to learn more about how to play the piano!
Actually, Pianoforall is the only method I am using (apart a few YouTube tutorial sometimes).

It is really good and I have lot of fun learning, for the first time!


For example, I didn’t know anything about playing rhythm or chords-based songs on the piano.
I even thought for years (decades actually!) that I wasn’t good at rhythm.

But following the lesson one after the other, introducing
progressively more complex rhythms, I realized that I wasn’t bad at all.

I really enjoy playing different rhythm patterns on both hands.

The essence of the piano is distilled almost naturally page after page.
Quite impressive!

I know that each time I go to the piano I will have a good moment and
I will get better. Every single day. That’s really new to me.

It is also very different from everything I have seen so far. No
fancy app, no monthly subscription, no zoom call (with bad sound and
A simple series of ebooks including videos and audio files directly into each page. Smart and efficient!

I like the fact that you can go directly to the point, everything is in the same place.
It takes me 2 seconds to get started.

And you know that to get used to practice anything regularly, the fewer obstacles between you and the practice, the better.
and easy access to the course material is the way to go to successfully
practice the piano regularly and see real progress, quickly!

The page where you left at the end of your last session is memorized.
You don’t even need a bookmark.

Even better, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to use it.

You download it to your computer, tablet, or phone, and you play wherever and whenever you want. Cool!

And you get to learn much more!


You are now at a crossroads.

You can decide not to give a try to the Pianoforall method. And you will go on trying other methods. Maybe you will finally manage to break through, after spending a lot of time and money.

But more likely, this won’t work. Why? because if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.

And you will become more and more frustrated because I know you really want to play the piano and live your dream.


You can stop searching again and again, and try the Pianoforall method.
You will feel liberated and full of joy. And you will finally start your new life as a piano player!

Within days, not months.

You will feel fulfilled and happy. Never again frustrated by your lack of progress.

Your life won’t be the same.

My life as a piano player has changed.


Are you ready to change your life and start playing your favorite songs?