7 common mistakes that piano beginners make

mistakes piano beginners

As a beginner, you certainly make mistakes and you will make more.

But there are particular mistakes that you can already work on. Or avoid.

In this article, I want to help you correct them.

Watch the video:

Here are the 7 most common mistakes of piano beginners

1. Wrong position

First, you need to have a good posture at your piano or keyboard. Be sure that your feet are on the floor, your shoulders relaxed.

Your wrists should be above the keyboard, not below.

Your fingers should be curved like if you were holding a ball.

Check the video above to see better the right position.

2. Wrong fingering and weird motions

When you play a sequence of notes or even a chord, be sure that you use the right finger for the right key.

Also, use the right way to cross when you play a scale for example.

If you don’t use the right fingering, you will slow down your fingers and you will end up in complicated hand positions.

You will get stuck at some point and not knowing how to move to play the next note.

3. Trying to play with both hands too soon

This is something quite common as well. I did it myself.

You learn the right-hand part of the song. You get confident.

And suddenly you want to add your left hand, without even knowing what to play with it.

You try to make it play in good coordination with the right hand while discovering the notes you have to play.

Trust me, it doesn’t work. Or pretty badly and you will surely be quite disappointed and frustrated.

Learn both hands separately and only when you are confident with each part, you can start to play with both hands together.

And slowly please!

4. Not being patient

Talking of starting slowly, you have to be patient.

Learn how to play the piano is not difficult. At least, no more difficult than other skills you already learned in your life.

But don’t forget that it takes time to develop a new skill. To become competent.

You will make progress faster if you take the time to practice slowly and perfect your technical foundations.

5. Not setting a goal

This is something that can touch even more advanced players.

Why are you learning the piano? What is your goal?

Do you want to play some accompaniment for a country singer? Play rock music in a band? Be a classical piano virtuoso?

The choice is yours, but you have to decide.

Without a clear destination, you will wander maybe for years and not reach anything meaningful.

It sounds harsh but it is like that.

Imagine taking your car without a destination. You won’t get anywhere.

6. Skipping technique to noodle on your keyboard

I have nothing against spending some time playing randomly on the piano. It is relaxing, fun, and a good way to become more familiar with the keyboard.

But you should dedicate a good part of your time on the piano to practice your technique. More technique equals more freedom for you to play what you want.

7. Not using a metronome

The last mistake is not to use a metronome and practice your rhythm skills.

Music is rhythm and notes. If you skip rhythm, you won’t be able to play any music.

That’s how it is.

I know that you may find it boring. But think about how engaging is music with a good rhythm. I bet that you want to play something engaging for yourself or your audience.


I have listed here seven common mistakes of piano beginners (and sometimes more advanced players).

These are easy to avoid, thus start on the right foot and correct them if necessary.

By the way, do you recognize one or several mistakes that you do yourself? Share that in the comments and let’s start the discussion!

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