All you need to know to play chords on the piano

Play 100s of chords easily without having to memorize them by heart!

piano chords book

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Playing chords opens up a whole new world.

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The thing is that the information about chords is a bit everywhere on Internet so you have to search each you want to learn a new chord.

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Learn the formula to play chords on the piano without memorizing all the notes by heart.

There are hundreds of chords.

Major and minor triads, 7th and 11th chords, diminished or augmented, sus2, sus4. And I don’t even talk about inversions!

It seems already a lot, but there is a secret to learn them.

There is a formula for each category of chords. A formula that you can apply to play these chords in any key. Without having to learn the single notes they are formed with.

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Did I mention that you will learn the fingering for each hand as well?