1. Why do you want to play the piano?


Let’s start with an important question, the foundation of all your musical journey.

Why do you want to play the piano?

Sounds obvious, right?

And I am pretty sure that you already have an answer. But is it the right one?

If you don’t have a ‘why’, a vision of yourself as a musician (I use this term very broadly), you are more likely to give up before achieving anything meaningful for you.


And that the key. You want to do something meaningful. Which makes your life happier.

I know, I am supposed to teach you piano foundations. But I want to do more than that. To help you live a better life through music.

Music is a wonderful art which can bring you and your potential audience joy. This won’t happen if you start on a wrong basis.


Because WHY do you want to learn an instrument?

Is it because you dream of practicing scales? (well it can be fun I agree!)

Is it because you love reading music sheets? (Not so funny for me, but maybe for you?)

I bet not.

So why do you really want to start learning a musical instrument?

Why do you want to play music in the first place?

Because it brings emotions to you. And to people listening to you (maybe not yet, but it will be the case soon if you follow me!)

It might be for another purpose, but whatever it is, it is important that you find it.

Don’t forget this. This is your WHY.

And if you have your WHY in mind, you won’t approach the learning the same way.

No more struggle to learn scales or chords. You will be eager to learn new tools and techniques to bring more happiness to your world.

You are on a mission if you like.

And people with a mission can’t be stopped by obstacles, only delayed.


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