Should you put stickers on the keys of your piano?

piano stickers

I see this quite often among piano beginners.

They take a marker pen and write down the notes names on the key.

Or they buy stickers with the notes or even the notation for each key of the piano.

Does this help you to learn the piano faster?

Watch the video:

Labels, stickers…what else?

So you really want to ruin the immaculate aspect of your keyboard with handwritten notes names or ugly stickers?

I guess that you know what I think about that.


Why is that?

I see mostly two problems with that. Wait three in fact.

First, you will have your nose your eyes on the keyboard.

Not to mention the bad posture you will take, it is bad.

You will focus on reading the notes behind your fingers instead of focusing on playing the notes.

If you use a music sheet or an online piano method or even a video, you will have to go back and forth between your keyboard and your paper or screen for every single note.

I can tell you that it will slow you down a lot.

Also, you won’t build you muscle memory as efficiently.

Trust yourself, you will learn how to hit the right key without looking to your keyboard or your fingers. Exactly as on a computer keyboard. Ok, maybe you also look to the letters there. Hum… you can learn anyway.

The other problem I see is that you won’t be able to look to your audience if you play in public. Or to interact with your band members if you play with other musicians.

Second…or third or forth, whatever. You won’t train your memory.

One benefit of playing the piano is that you will train and develop your memory. You don’t want to miss that, do you?

Lastly, I see people labeling only the white keys. And forget about the black keys. That’s very bad. Black keys are as important as white ones!


Don’t do that!

Start now to take the habit of not looking to your keyboard or your fingers.

You will hate me at first, but you will thank me later on.

I am waiting for the gifts!

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