7 great ways to practice more regularly and efficiently your instrument!

practice regularly and efficiently

We all want to get better.

The same goes for your instrument. Even if you enjoy playing, you want to get better at it.

What if you could learn to practice more regularly and efficiently your instrument?

Don’t you think you would make much more progress?

I bet that you would agree:)

So how to do that?

You will say: “It depends on the method, right?”

There are many options possible indeed. For example, on the piano, I reviewed the best online methods to help you learn from home.

But this is not a question of method here.

It is more a question of mindset and time management.

You can have the best method possible, if you don’t take action or not efficiently, you won’t progress so much.

And as a result, you will feel frustrated and angry about yourself for not being able to learn better.

Stop that, there is nothing wrong with you. We all share the same issue.

You just have to use a system to be more productive.

It is not different than for work.

Let’s see now 7 steps to practice more regularly and efficiently your instrument!

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Have a purpose, set an intention

I wrote about that earlier, but it is so important that I will repeat this again and again.

You have to set an intention in your practice. You need to decide why you practice. What outcome you expect from an exercise.

This is the only way to measure your progress by the way.

Of course, not all your sessions on your instrument should be super focused. It is good to have some free playing.

Or you can incorporate that in each session, a few minutes where you play randomly, just for the pleasure.

Shut down the little voice

The second tip is a question of mindset.

I wrote about that here, but I want to insist on it.

Do you hear this little voice in your head that says” You won’t be able to make it”? Or “It is too difficult, you should give up. Or again “You will never become that good!”.

This is total B.S.!

Please, give me a favor and shut with little voice down.

You can make it.

Stop thinking that you are so special that you can’t be a successful musician. You are not.

You are most capable.

If you use the right system and technique. And I am here to share them with you and to help you in your musical journey.

(Don’t forget that you can always contact me if you need or if you have questions. It is not a fake website. I am a real human and I read and answer all the emails.)

So, you can do it, just practice!

Set specific and realistic goals

To be effective, your practice need to focused on specific goals.

Choose something realistic depending on your current skill level.

And write them down, every week, on a notebook or a bullet journal. Or even in your calendar on your smartphone. Whatever works for you.

And track your progress. Revise those goals regularly.

I will write more about that.

Set deadlines

With each goal should come a deadline. Otherwise, it is just a dream.

You can read more about the importance of setting deadlines here.

But shortly, set a specific date when you want to achieve your goals.

And make it happen.

Try challenges

Similar to deadlines but even more powerful, you can set yourself a challenge.

For example: “in 15 days or 30 days, I want to master this technique”. Or be able to play this difficult song.

I wrote more about it in this article as well since I have some interesting experiences with challenges that I want to share with you.

Set habits

I want you to set a habit of practicing.

It is much more efficient to practice regularly than for a long session every 2 weeks.

You can learn more here about how to set habits and I will write more about that important topic.

But just to give you the main message, set yourself to play on your instrument every day for 5 minutes. Or even less if 5 minutes is too long.

Even playing 3 notes will be enough to make it a daily routine.

Then, you won’t have to make any particular effort to practice your instrument every day.

I encourage you to do this at the same moment of the day, before or after diner for example. Before is better to avoid any sleepiness due to digestion!

Set up a favorable environment

Make it very easy and effortlessly to start playing your instrument.

You want to lower down the effort necessary to practice.

Make a specific place in your home so that it is ready or with minimal time and energy.

You should just have to sit at your piano or grab your guitar and start playing in a few seconds. Without moving furniture or search your equipment in a closet!

Music is important for you. Give it the physical space it needs and a real part of your life.


With these tips, you have everything in your hands to practice regularly and efficiently.

I will make sure it is as easy as possible for you to implement them in your life through more content. On this website, on my podcast, and on my YouTube channel.

I have a question for you: how often do you practice and what are your goals? Let me know in the comment below!

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