How to master your musical instrument? practice with intention!

Practice with intention

Do you want to take your musical skills to the next level? Then you need to practice with intention.

Indeed, we tend to take our instrument and start to do some routine exercise like scales without thinking too much about what we do.

Like robots in a way.

We move our fingers and play the exercise always the same way, over and over.

Of course, with time we improve. But, do we?

Watch the video:

Why you don’t reach the next level on your instrument?

I was practicing a scale on my guitar for a few weeks, and I was not seeing much progress. A bit better but not that much.

And I realized that I was playing with an “empty” mind, without a specific purpose. Without intention.

I thus took the decision that I wanted to play clean notes. I wanted each note to be well-defined even with a massive distortion. And I focused on that.

What happened?

I got better much faster. Because now I had a specific outcome in mind and I could measure my progress.

That’s what I want you to do the next time you practice (today?).

Decide which outcome you want from each exercise. For each time you play the song your are working on.

And play with this purpose in mind. With a strong intention.

You will be surprised by the progress you will make.

And you will come and thank me!

Just kidding, you will thank yourself for your efforts!

Same exercise, different intention.

Just a last thing: you can practice the same thing with different purposes.

For example, you can practice a scale to build up finger speed.

Or you can play it to improve your legato.

Your choice depending on what you want to improve.

Now, go practice. With intention!

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