Repeat, but not the same way

Yesterday, I was taking photos of flowers on a tree. I think some sort of cherry tree, but I don’t know much about trees.

I have to say that I don’t have particular skills in photography, but I like that and I try to improve when I have an occasion.

I see it as some sort of shallow hobby. Just with my phone, I try to capture the beauty of the world.

So I was walking on a path through light woods and I was fascinated by those beautiful flowers.

I took several pictures, using different angles and framing, because I wasn’t satisfied by the first one. And also because I know that I need to experiment to improve. I see it like a game. I try to get a bit better each time.

The last picture was much better than the previous ones because I stepped outside of the usual way I would take pictures.
Repetition with variation is a great way to create or simply to improve.

What does it have to do with music?

It is all the same. In music, when you play your instrument, it is important to repeat the same things, but also to repeat with a different “angle”. It can be a different rhythm, speed, articulation. Trying something new will wake your brain and make you focus more deeply on what you are learning.

And it is fun!

PS: You want to see my last picture?

OK, here it is!

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