Why setting deadlines as a musician is essential to become better?

Setting deadlines

Why should you consider setting deadlines as a musician?

So you have set a goal.

But you struggle to achieve it or it takes so long to reach it that you feel a bit down.

Let’s’ discuss here how to stop this and start succeeding!

Have you considered setting deadlines for each goal?

Because without a deadline, you will naturally tend to postpone forever, even if you are motivated.

Why is that?

Our perception of time is such as a rubber band, it is stretchable.

And the more time we have to do something, the more time it will take for us to do it.

For how much time have you considered learning that new song without really working on it? or at least, not finishing it?

I had the same problem.

And it is probably because you haven’t set any deadline.

But what is initially a goal you feel motivated to achieve slowly transform itself into a mere wish, a floating idea.

You certainly already experienced a big change in productivity when the exam date was approaching at school or at university.

Or at work, when you have a report due for tomorrow. No more distraction, it becomes an absolute priority.

Setting deadlines is a very efficient way to keep focusing on your goal and to achieve them.

Let’s take another example.

On this post, you will see a video embedded as well as a podcast.

I have spent weeks thinking of doing a new YouTube video and I have considered for months to start a podcast.

And I always found an excuse not to do it.

I mean, there is always something else going on in my life, so do you, right?

But I just decided to do those 3 things today: this blog post, a YouTube video, and a podcast episode.

I had no idea yesterday that I would do this.

But I managed to do all the 3 and it is not because I had more time today. Not at all. I was quite busy.

I just stopped to postpone and decided that the deadline will be today.

And I made it!

That’s that simple.

So what about music now?

Why setting deadlines is so important for you as a musician or aspiring musician?

Well, let’s come back to this example of learning a new song.

This is your goal.

Now, ask yourself when you want to be able to play it.

In one week? one month?

Don’t set a deadline too far because it will be abstract and you won’t take action.

Or set intermediate deadlines, milestones if you wish.

For example, you could decide to learn the intro for next week.

You have 7 days to work on it and you do whatever it takes to make it happen.

In 7 days you will be able to play the intro.

And maybe two weeks later, you will be able to play the whole song!

This is a specific goal, with one (or a few) specific deadlines.

Now you are ready to take action and grow as a musician.

Let’s get to work!

2 thoughts on “Why setting deadlines as a musician is essential to become better?”

  1. Although I am not a musician, I agree that deadlines are a must. Without a deadline, you will naturally postpone forever, even if you feel motivated. I enjoy having short deadlines and follow the 10minute time management technique. That being said, there are still days I slack. As a result, I am gearing more towards developing atomic habits 🙂 Great post!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment and for sharing your tips! I don’t know the 10 min management technique but I will have a look.
      Do you set a series of deadlines every day then?
      I would say that if we break down each goal in mini-goals with a deadline, it would be very productive.
      I agree with you about the importance of habits. I learned how to set any new habit efficiently thanks to Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, a game-changer! I think that it is quite similar to atomic habits. Very powerful.

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