Do you think you won’t become a good musician?

won't become a good musician

Do you think you won’t become a good musician ever?

You are learning the piano, you start to be able to play something.

But inside you, you still have this feeling that you won’t ever be good.

You think it is not for you.

We need to talk!

Watch the video:

Becoming a musician is not easy

You have to work on your instrument for a long time to master it.

It requires to develop several skills, mental and physical.

As you watch these videos of great piano players, you think that you will never be able to be as good.

You think that they have a particular talent, a gift from birth.

Let me stop you right now here.

This is BS!

Let’s discuss why.

Why you can succeed at becoming a good musician

You have learned so many things in your life.

Starting as a baby, you have learned something difficult: walking.

Yes, walking requires a good balance on two feet which is far from easy.

You worked on it for weeks or a few months. And you succeeded.

Whereas you were only a baby.

Since then, you have mastered many skills, such as reading or writing.

Quite complex skills in fact.

Do you think that playing an instrument is that different?

That suddenly, you have lost your ability to learn such complex things?

Why would you suddenly become incapable of learning after all you already did in your life?

You have even more experience than when you were a child, thus learning may even be easier in a way.

The main thing that is different now may be that you are less patient. You want results fast.

As a child, you didn’t think about how much time you would need to achieve something. As least not so much.

You can do it.

If becoming a good musician, a good piano player is something important for you, nothing will stop you.

But yourself.

Thus, don’t let your mindset hold you back and start growing your musical skills now!


You have a brain, hands, ears.

You have everything you need to become a good musician.

As good as you wish.

You only have to work consistently on your instrument, practicing with intention.

And I am here to help you my best to achieve your goal.

Stop worrying, start playing!

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